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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 7, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. all right, here we go, top of the hour, so great to be with you on this thursday. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we begin with the explosive turn in the race for the democratic nomination for president. today, hillary clinton, hopping the subway, stumping in new york. we're going to have more on that. it's bernie sanders now accused of really taking the low road for saying that clinton, former senator in the state of new york, former secretary of state, is, quote/unquote, unqualified to be president of the united states. an assertion he stood by today.
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albeit with regret. that the sort of rhetoric republicans adopted long ago is now tainting the democratic contest. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street and greed, recklessness and illegal behavior helped destroy our economy? look, let me be clear. this is not the type of politicings. i know it's what the media loves. it's not the type of politics i want to get in. let me also be very clear. if secretary clinton thinks i've just come from the small state of vermont and we're not used to it, we'll get used to it fast. we will fight back. >> well, secretary clinton, she, this morning, laughed off any of that criticism from senator sanders, adding she will continue to point out contrasts between herself and the senator from vermont. >> i understand bernie sanders says you're not qualified? >> well, it's kind of a silly
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thing to say, but i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me and have voted for me three times, twice for senate, once in the presidential primary. look, i didn't -- i don't know why he's saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> cnn's joe johns is in philadelphia with the sanders campaign. so you hear from folks on hillary clinton's side. they're saying senator sanders has hit a new low. we'll talk to one in just a moment. as far as sanders is concerned, doubling down on this. >> yes, he certainly did double down at that news conference here in philadelphia this morning. look, brooke, from a fact checking point of view, to some degree, you probably can say that bernie sanders took a headline, if you will, and sort of ran with it last night when
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he first made those comments. cnn was reporting on yesterday that the plan in the hillary clinton campaign was to disqualify sanders in the new york primary, but he took that to mean that hillary clinton was saying he was not qualified for president, so those are two slightly different things. the campaign manager for bernie sanders, for his part, really doubled down today on cnn, going as far as to suggest that hillary clinton was partly responsible for the rise of isis. take a listen. >> you want the voters to decide who gets to be the democratic nominee, not the clinton campaign. when they told jeff zeleny of cnn they're going to disqualify bernie, defeat him and try to unify the party later, that's a strategy for disaster in november. what we need is a sharp discussion of the issues in this campaign that separate secretary clinton from bernie sanders. we need to have that discussion. but that kind of like scorched earth clinton policy of
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disqualify him and then unify the party later, that's a disaster for democrats. >> so bernie sanders now heading to new york tomorrow. a lot of this, brooke, is really about new york of course, these two candidates can both claim new york as their home state. it was always expected to be a pretty nasty fight. back to you. >> we have about a week and a half of it to go. the primary, april 19th, joe johns, thank you so much. just heard from the campaign manager on the sanders side. now, the communications director for hillary for america. christina, welcome back. >> hi, nice to see you. >> out of the gate, your response to hearing sanders saying your candidate is unqualified? >> you know, it's just really sad and disappointing to see senator sanders' campaign take this kind of turn. they made two attacks against hillary. they were not true. he said she called him unqualified. she certainly didn't. joe scarborough pushed her over
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and over again to say that. she never did. she never would. that's not the kind of person she is. so that was absolutely not true. she was sorry to see him take that turn himself. the other thing he did, whether he was called upon by the loved ones of the victims of the sandy hook mass shooting, to really apologize to them for standing with the gun manufacturers instead of standing with their families and letting them have their day in court. he didn't respond to their pleas and instead attacked hillary. we're sorry to see him take that turn. we really think it's too bad. >> what has her response been behind the scenes? we saw her in front of all the cameras. >> you saw her out there today, riding the subway in new york, campaigning in new york. you saw her, what she has said behind the scenes too, is she would certainly vote for sanders over the republican contenders at that point. she thinks it's really important as a democrat. and so those were her words.
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>> on these attacks, though, we know jeff zeleny, who's been covering secretary clinton for us at cnn, he's saying you all are saying the clinton camp will be taking a harder line moving ahead. what is the harder line? >> we love jeff but we're not sure where that report came from. i have to say in all of the meetings i'm in in headquarters or campaign chair, nobody has ever spoken about senator sanders that way. >> there will be no shift in language? >> no, no, no. hillary loves to campaign in new york. she was proud to be the senator here for eight years. she really wants to talk about the issues that new yorkers care about. you see her out there doing that. >> on a sort of lighter note, yes, she rode the subway, you know, i think it's going to be interesting because several of the candidates, bernie sanders growing up in brooklyn, it's home away from home for her, even trump, new york. i'm sort of anticipating this new york-er off. we saw john kasich at a deli today. what's the next move, pizza? >> she was riding the subway today. she loves it.
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she wanted to talk to real new yorkers. that's what she loves about campaigning in the state. you get out there and talk to people about what they're concerned about what they need from their next president. and new yorkers, it's more than rhetor rhetoric. you can't just give a speech. you have to have real plans. they want to make sure you can deliver real results to them. >> she won new york in '08. what is -- if you had to identify one issue that would be the biggest uphill climb for her for april 19th what would be it? >> i'm not sure she has an uphill climb here. we know new yorkers, you can't take anything for granted, you've got to work hard to earn every vote. she's proud of her track record and excited to get out to talk to people about what she'd do as president. >> how does she sort of toe the line, not alienate potential voters, those who are supporting bernie sanders, how does she thread that needle? >> she respects sanders voters. she thinks it's great he's bringing so many people into the process. she's going to get out there and
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talk to people about what her real plans are to make a difference in their life as president. >> christina shockey, thank you so much. we'll see you for the big debate. between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the democratic presidential debate live from brooklyn, new york, one week from tonight, 9:00 eastern, right here on cnn. coming up next, new york welcoming ted cruz with a couple of choice letters on the cover of the "new york daily news." how the city's media treatment is a whole new ball game for a lot of these candidates. plus, one of donald trump's biggest supporters said yeah, america could do better. ben carson in his own words. brand-new video showing the missing suspect in the brussels terror attack, including where authorities think he went moments after the bombing. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back.
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about prevnar 13® today. welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. ted cruz refusing to back off his attack of trump's new york values comment. getting a not so warm welcome in the bronx. saying new york is enemy territory for this southerner. for this texan.
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today, "new york daily news" had this message for the texas senator. its cover, take the fu train, ted. for trump, it is the homefield advantage. thousands showing up for his rally on long island last night. eating up trump's scathing reminders of his republican's words. >> i've got this guy, standing over there, looking at me, talking about new york values, with scorn on his face, with hatr hatred, with hatred of new york. so i think you can forget about him. >> joining me now, cnn political commentator and trump supporter. a.d. stoddard. and our guest, mitt romney's policy direct for the 2012 campaign and now a fellow for hoover research. we saw him in the bronx yesterday. he's in new york.
11:14 am
pounding the pavement. my question to you is do you think not so much that trump is ahead in the polls, do you think he'll be able to make up ground in new york? >> i think he's going to lose new york and probably very badly. he's a real fish out of water there. i can tell you the only goal for him is to keep trump below 50% so he doesn't sweep up all those delegates. if he and kasich combined, i think kasich will do much better than senator cruz, can keep trump, who's right now, the tru polls are below 50%, that would be a victory, then he's on to the next. but this is a tough day for him. he's in a real culture clash in new york. sounds like his staff work wasn't very good picking a wrong venue for an event that wasn't well attended. he's got to get to upstate new york and find people that want to listen to him, get out of the city, and hope he can hold trump. >> facing se protesters.
11:15 am
quickly, here's some sound, not an entirely warm welcome here. >> ted cruz has no business being in the bronx. this right wing bigot is an insult to the whole community! >> all right, so there you have that. trump is seizing upon the whole new york values comment as we saw him in long island last night. so calley, my question to you, cnn is reporting there are changes to the trump inner circle with the trump camp, adding to the inner circle. what struck me, eivanka walking out and introducing him, then this fancy film rolling out, showing highlights thus far on the trail. will we be seeing a little bit more of that? is this the new changes they're rolling out? >> i think so. i think it should be. he definitely needs to shore up his support among women. especially looking forward to a general election. likewise, shaking up the campaign, adding paul manifort is a huge step, because now it's
11:16 am
looking like this is going to be a fight for delegates rather than a fight for the popular vote. manifort is a ford veteran, geor h.w., the list goes on and on. >> on the fight for delegates, having been with the rubio camp, can you tell us here what rubio plans to do with his delegates? >> well, i think some of that's up to the delegates. some will have the opportunity to choose. in other cases, senator rubio's asked for those delegates to remain pledged to him. i think with diwill depend largy on the delegate. >> what's the strategy of that? >> i think part of it is senator rubio is going to be part of this conversation. help w he was one of the more successful candidates this cycle. he did articulate some policy that a lot will want to get behind. also focusing on his day job now in the senate.
11:17 am
>> let me play some sound, former presidential candidate ben carson, he was on cnn just a little while ago. keep in mind, he's officially endorsed donald trump. this is what he said here on cnn today. >> you think there are better people out there to be president than trump? >> i don't think i have to really think about that. it doesn't matter what you're doing. there are better people than me at neurosurgery. there are better people than you being a broadcaster. you know there are better people at sglefeverything when you saye are probably better people out there, did you have someone in mind? >> i don't think that's a useful place to go. >> kayleigh, that is not exactly a ringing endorsement from trump. >> trump will take support from whomover, be it carson, if it's support in the form of christie. any presidential who gives you
11:18 am
there support is accepted and is exciting to have on board. >> do you think he'll respond to that? >> do i think trump will? no, i don't think so. he's a great man, a hero in the evangelical community. he's happy to have him on board in any capacity. >> a.b., finally to you, thinking about the delegates and thinking about sort of support, there's not been massive support for senator ted cruz among his own republican colleagues on the hill. we've talked about that for months. a lot of them are still holding out. for what, i don't know. but do you think that they will -- that the tides will turn before cleveland, assuming we are going into a brokered convention? >> it really depends. you know, there are still people, brooke, as we've talked about, asking john kasich to please stay in the race, even though people are making jokes and pressuring him to get out. this is, you know, ted cruz faces a lot of backlash because of his own behavior. i've covered the congress for many years and have never come across anyone who's earned a
11:19 am
reputation as bad as he has. he's burned every bridge he's ever seen. it's very hard for him to get people to come around. even lindsey graham says i don't like the guy but it's really anyone but trump. what he's doing behind the scenes, talking about the washington cartel, trying to talk about unity. what he's doing in phone calls behind the scenes i think will lead to, you know, will bear some fruit in the weeks to come. it might not be enough. it might be they're still looking for that paul ryan fantasy or kasich to rise again after a couple of northeastern states. ted cruz is really -- it's really hard to make up ground when you've done so much to burn those bridges and that's what he's facing now. >> you mentioned john kasich. he has essentially said the strongest days are ahead. what do you make of that? what should we make of him? >> i just don't see it. i don't think kasich has a pathway. i think it's actually mathematically impossible for him to have the pathway before the convention. think he's hanging around, hoping to be the alternative. i see it being difficult for
11:20 am
anybody but trump or cruz to be the nominee of the party. that's his decision ultimately. but he is living in fantasy land now. >> who do you think it's hurting more, cruz or trump? >> i don't know. i think to a certain degree, the voters that would vote for kasich probably are more dispositionally going to be for trump because they may be more moderate or somewhat conservative. there's evidence those voters may have gone for cruz in wisconsin. so it's really tough to say, and i think that's part of kasich's calculation. there's no obvious choice in terms of who the second choice is for those kasich voters. he figures why don't i just stay in, see what happens? >> this is fascinating. a.b. stoddard, thank you to all of you. tonight, senator cruz sitting down with erin burnett on "o "outfront" on cnn. we're talking contested convention. how the city is taking extra security steps to prepare for
11:21 am
crowd control come july and what is shaping up to be a controversial convention. next, hiding in plain sight. two weeks after the terror attacks in brussels, chilling new surveillance video of the wanted terrorist in that light coat and hat. investigators able to pinpoint what he did moments after the bombings. where is he now? we will update you on this investigation. if you run everyd, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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right now, a manhunt is under way for a violent and dangerous man who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. his apparent getaway partner has been captured. this is happening in lakewood,
11:26 am
washington. police say these two men have escaped, they think, through a loose window, got access to transportation. police today captured the man on your right, mark adams. the man on the left, anthony garber, is still missing. he's accused of killing a 20-year-old woman found tied to a bed and stabbed to death. police are warning if you see him, do not try to interact, just dial 911. now to belgium. brand-new video shows the suspected third bomber in the deadly brussels airport attack. we're talking about the man in the dark hat. that lighter coat. want you to watch the video closely because it shows, see guy in the light colored jacket with the hat leaving the airport. the suspect manages to exit the crime scene. you see him just walking away. at one point, jogging. he walked west into a brussels neighborhood over the course of two hours.
11:27 am
police say he ditched his coat somewhere along the way. pamela, how are authorities using, now, this piece of video to find him? >> well, basically, they're using this video as sort of a clue in terms of who he may have interacted with in those two hours after the attack. and, also, in the video, they say he discarded his light colored jacket we saw him wearing, brooke. that could be a key piece of evidence because if they find that, they can, you know, obviously trace it for dna, fingerprints, to identify this man. they have at this stage, as far as we know, they have not identified him. so they're looking for that. they're look at this remarkable two-hour video after the attacks, after we saw him carrying a bomb into the brussels airport, walking casually on the streets of mol let
11:28 am
molenbeek. it's really extraordinary to see what he was just of and then walking in this video. >> i know you talked to a top u.s. counterterrorism official who says some european countries are not taking full advantage of some u.s. tools in the fight against terrorism. explain. >> that's right. i interviewed the man who is in charge of all the u.s. terror watch list. he says the u.s. shares information with european partners. but the problem is brooke, europe doesn't use a central database. they're not using what we have given them to its full potential because of all the different countries who have their own lists of standards they abide by. here's what he had to say about that. >> it's concerning that our partners don't use that data. we provide them with tools. we provide them with support. and i would find it concerning that they don't use these tools
11:29 am
to help screen for their own aviation security maritime security, border screening, visas, things like that, for travel. we find it concerning. >> there's a whole lot of reasons why they may not be using it to the full potential. it's unclear, brooke, if using our u.s. watch list would have prevented the brussels attacks. but there is one example that is point ain't here. you'll remember the suicide bombing brother who was deported from turkey, he was put on a commercial flight from turkey back into europe. he was never flagged. they don't check passengers like they routinely do here in the united states. brooke. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. i'm glad you sat down with that official. coming up next, the papers in new york not exactly been very nice to a number of these candidates, kleining ted cruz, slamming him on his double down of the new york values comments. we'll discuss that with a new yorker. plus, bill clinton heckled over
11:30 am
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welcome back. a lot of these candidates here ahead of the important primary, trying to embrace their inner new yorker. many of them have tied to this state. today hillary clinton took a ride on the 4 train in the bronx. perhaps a not so subtle response to the senator, senator sanders gaffe in an interview with the new yo"new york daily news."
11:35 am
the senator answered, you get a token and you get in. actually, that was many years ago. sounds like perhaps he hasn't been on the train in a minute. secretary clinton of course she pounced on this today and said and did this. >> we don't use a token on the subway, you're aware of that now? >> yes, actually, i think we changed when i was senator. i think it was my first term when we changed from tokens to metro cards. >> secretary clinton, before being secretary of state, served as the senator for the state of new york for eight years. senator sanders born and raised in brooklyn. in manhattan, trump tower is a landmark, his name is all over the city as well. who is all over new york and, more importantly who gets home state advantage? joining me today, one of our favorites, michael daily is back with us. he's lived in new york for much of his life. good to see both of you.
11:36 am
first to you, sir, on the train, the former secretary of state, what the heck was that like? >> it was striking because this say woman who flies private, but this time she boarded the train, took about four or five swipes to get on the subway. >> which, by the way, not a big deal. >> on the way here, it was one, i was pretty proud of that. but she boarded and she was followed by about 30 people probably, including aides and journalists and secret service agents. and the thing that shocked me was how nonplussed many of the new yorkers were. a woman behind her didn't remove her headphones. someone sitting next to her who kept his trucker hat on and just sat there. i think he was reading a magazine for most of the ride. didn't really interact with secretary clinton until she interacted with them. and she's doing this in part because she's campaigning the new york way. she's wanting to show she knows
11:37 am
it's a card, not a token. the whole scene was definitely quite odd for someone who's covered her for a long time. but also she seemed comfortable. she left the train and walked up 170th street to an dine wer whe she had an interview. she shook people's hands and talked to people about the subway. >> all the while, cameras in tow. we know the game, we know how it goes. for you, sir, being in journalism for a bunch of years in new york, this is an unforgiving town when comes to media and if you look at we have this collage of different cover stories. i mean, this is not, you know, coming -- the primary in wisconsin, this is a different ball game here. >> well, it is a little different. you're talking mainly about the dai daily news, is t really is the voice of the city -- >> what is the voice of the city
11:38 am
saying today? >> i mean, that's -- but that is the media voice of the city. to my mind, the true voice of the city is those kids up in the bronx who wrote the letter saying why they were walking out on ted cruz. i read that on the way up on the subway. i just reread it today. it's this beautiful dignified reason. balanced kind of perfect letter they wrote. and that to me, that's the city of new york and that's the bronx preparatory college academy. i think hillary should have gotten off the train and gone in there, bernie should go there, cruz should go there, trump should definitely go there. >> what was the heart of the message? >> they were saying we've decided to, fourth period, we'll be walking out. this is not disrespect to you or to the school or to our guests. that we've considered the possible consequences and we're willing to accept them but we are passionate students and we
11:39 am
feel compelled to act upon our ide ideals. and these are kids going to school in the bronx. these are not kids, you know, in some fancy academy some place. >> i got you. >> i think if all the candidates went to a little remedial class there, trump could lead to be truthful. same, hillary could get a little more forth right. bernie could learn to do his homework. cruz could be a little more tolerant. a couple days there would be perfect. >> memo to all candidates from mr. daly here. in terms of, you know, this is politics at play. i can't wait to see how many visit delis and pizza eating and rides on the subway. when you look at past, you know, campaigns, bill clinton, mayor de blasio, bloomberg. with know they don't take the train. is this effective? >> supposed to be humanizing. it's why these candidates do a number of stops they do at
11:40 am
different diners, at different shops. they want to be shown they're doing what everyone does on a daily basis. now, does hillary clinton ride the train every day? no, she doesn't. it's been a year and a half, two years. it's a long time. there are people on that train who probably ride the same route every single day. the goal is to get video of her zhoi doing something new yorkers do every day. >> something else a lot of new yo new yorkers do, go to the deli. one person you forgot to mention, john kasich. >> sorry, he's like so out of town -- >> here's the deli. >> i can't seem to get through because the press is getting in the way. haip, what about the jets what do you think, and what about a-rod? >> a-rod's going to do well. >> i'd like to be jeter for one day. >> one day. >> well, maybe two days. >> i'm a senior.
11:41 am
> >> what are you going to be doing? >> i want to work in news. >> what? >> news. >> oh. >> kind of want to get pink floyd back together. >> you know what i heard, though, i heard if they get back together again, trump is going to make them pay for every brick in the wall. do you get it? did you get it? >> of course. >> okay, it's like johnny football, right, work out for him. i can't even -- this stains. ♪ i like a big pizza pie >> never use a fork. >> in the bronx, we get pushed, we push back. >> no pushing. >> come on, guys, it's rude. >> grandma's recipe. >> beautiful. >> that's what we are in the bronx. we're not changing for anybody. we need help in new york though. >> what do you need? >> we need help in the united states. >> i think you need a right fielder. >> not 100, 200 years.
11:42 am
>> how come you're not eating? >> eat all day long. >> how about a little cheese on the top of this? mamma mia. >> they put me in a car and then they drive me and then they shout get out. i don't have any idea where we go half the time. but of course i'm thrilled. are you kidding me? this is like -- this is like being so alive, being in new york. >> tim carter, you're my hero, excellent edit job. i love the whole brick in the wall bit. >> he seemed comfortable. >> what did you think? >> i think he can skip the remedial class. >> he does not need to -- >> the one thing i do think people should remember, there's a difference between the state of new york and the city of new york. if trump had held that rally up in the bronx, he would have gotten the same reception cruz got. you notice, he held it out in long island in trump country. if you try that in certain part of brooklyn, the bronx, forget
11:43 am
it. >> should get some of those kids on the show. >> i would get those kids, absolutely. get rid of all these busted out newspaper guys like me. that is the future. it is the white house. >> go ahead. >> clinton aide did say about food, we joked about hot dogs or pizza. >> will be well fed. >> she knows not to eat pizza in new york with a knife and fork. i'm told she won't make that mistake. >> too soon. thank you so much, thank you. next, cleveland police ordering 10,000 pairs of plastic handcuffs ahead of the national convention there this summer. part of the strategy also to tone down the optics of a massive police presence. why? we'll explore that. we'll talk to someone in cleveland next. (vo) beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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cleveland, ohio, will be the center of the political universe in just a couple months. mid-july, it's set to host the republican national convention. and it's looking more and more likely it will be a contested one. about 50,000 people are expected to gather at the quicken loans
11:48 am
arena over the course of four days as the republicans ultimately choose their presidential nominee. security's a major focus. this is a major supporter who has been covering the convention. welcome to you. let's begin with -- i know you were reporting recently about these 10,000 plastic handcuffs that have been ordered ahead of the big date in july. what more are police doing there to prepare? >> a big part of it is they're making these purchases, like you mentioned, the handcuffs. a thing that got a lot of attention. also last month, they put in initial steps to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear. people saw that, kind of freaked out. so i do think a lot of these types of purchases are normal for a political convention. also, besides the more exciting stuff, there's more banal things like hay for horses and ponchos so they don't get wet. they're talking about things like bicycles, you know. a big part of it is buying the equipment they'll need to handle
11:49 am
a much larger security event than cleveland would be responsible for. >> i'm glad you made the point because i know some of this is extraordinarily typical ahead of any sort of convention but i am wondering, as i've been reading around, are police at all concerned, when you talk about riot gear, the optics of all of this ahead of the convention or at a convention? >> yeah, i mean, i know yesterday we had a public hearing. our deputy police chief, he's overseeing the stuff, he said they're try to avoid a mill tarrized-style appearance. a lot of the activists here, i think they're kind of alarmed when they saw the riot gear getting purchased. obviously there's the talk about there potentially being -- i'd call it more hype i guess at this point although we never know. the discussion of their being riots, i know the reason this event's being sold to this community is there's an opportunity to have the city look good, it will be exciting. it's not good for anyone if the image is it's going to be an escape from new york, there's going to be barbed wire, people
11:50 am
getting chased by police and stuff. so yeah, the city is interested in making sure the image put forth of cleveland is a positive one. >> have cleveland police sought out the advice of other cities who have held conventions in years past? >> yes, i know they've recently traveled to washington, d.c. last week, the nuclear summit was there, with all the different international leaders. i know that they're consulting with the washington, d.c. who handle this stuff on a regular basis. also cities like tampa, florida. st. paul, minnesota. just any of the cities that have hosted political conventions, the cleveland police have reached out to them. >> hotels, they sold out yet? >> yes, it's been a while since i've checked on it. but maybe a couple months ago, there's a story where i think it was a super 8 in the suburbs here that was going for $200 a night. i'm glad i live here. i'm going to be able to make it to the convention. if you're trying to get a hotel room at this point, good luck.
11:51 am
>> andrew tobias, we'll talk again, i'm sure. all eyes on cleveland ahead of the big date in july. thank you, sir, so much. next, the fight escalates between the democratic candidates just one week before the debate here on cnn in brooklyn. senator sanders doubling down on his claim that hillary clinton just isn't qualified to be president of the united states. hear how she's responding to that. also, the head of general electric going off on sanders and his socialist criticism of big business. hear why the vermont senator may not have done all of his homework on ge. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol?
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no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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do you have the courage to stay up all night? because this is our time! the greatest tv week of our lives! ladies and gentlemen, in the business of binge-watching, sleep is for the week! so i want you ready to order takeout, every single night! now are you with me? to awesomeness! to watchathon!! big is back. xfinity watchathon week starts april 18. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. hour two, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. let's begin with the explosive turn in the race for the
11:56 am
democratic nomination for president. today, hillary clinton, she hopped the subway in new york, stumping there, but it's bernie sanders who's now accused of taking the low blow, saying hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. it's an assertion he stood by today, albeit with regret this sort of rhetoric republicans adopted long ago is now tainting the democratic contest. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street, an entity whose greed, recklessness and illegal behavior helped destroy our economy? look, let me be clear, this is not the type of politics i want to get into. it's what the media loves. it's not the type of politics i want to get in. let me be clear, if secretary clinton thinks i just came from
11:57 am
the small state of vermont and we're not used to this, we'll get used to this fast. we will fight back. >> secretary clinton this morning hearing all of this, she has laughed off the senator's criticism, saying she will continue to point out contrasts between herself and bernie sanders. >> i understand bernie sanders thinks you're not qualified? >> well, it's kind of a silly thing to say, but i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me and have voted for me three times, twice for senate, once in the presidential primary. look, i didn't -- i don't know why he's saying that. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> let's bring in wolf blitzer, host of "the situation room." he will be the moderator at the big brooklyn debate next week between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. nice to see you as always. >> nice to see you. >> this doubling down now from sanders saying she is
11:58 am
unqualified, is you surprised? >> pretty surprised. on republican side, they're calling each other, you know, lying ted and things like that. the democrats have been civil, at least until now. for him to suggest she's not qualified to be president of the united states after she served as a u.s. senator from new york state for eight years after she served as secretary of state for four years. she was first lady of the united states. she's obviously by all standards, definitions, she's qualified. he's clearly angry. she's frustrated as well. lost seven of the last eight contests. so it's a tense moment in this democratic race for the white house. >> as you know, the clinton camp points out the math, not necessarily the momentum. they're obviously hoping for a win next weekend. as far as this debate you're moderating, with hillary clinton, her camp has said this is a new low on the brpd side.
11:59 am
how does she toe the line, be firm, but not alienate the bernie sanders supporters? >> she needs them. she's got to walk that delicate tight rope. >> how? >> she's got to fight to win. that means going after him on specific issues. at the same time, if she does get the nomination, she doesn't want to overly frustrate those young people, all those bernie sanders supporters out there who would be critically important if she were to face one of the republican candidates, so it's a tough mission. usually what happened, and i've covered a lot of these races over the years, it's very tough going in. eventually there's a candidate who emerges and they all make nice and they have a convention and they do all the music and that kind of stuff and then they work together, the party, the democratic party, the republican party. they make sure that everybody's on the same page. it's not always easy. there are bitter feelings. but i guess what her sense is, and i've spoken to some of her
12:00 pm
campaign advisers, they believe, let's say it's donald trump is the republican nominee. they don't think she's going to have a lot of trouble getting bernie sanders supporters to vote for her as opposed to trump or ted cruz for that matter. they think eventually they'll come in. this is the moment for them to, you know, exchange their differences, if you will, but to do it in a relatively civil way. because you don't want to get overly nasty. and that is clearly -- >> taking that turn. >> they've been working hard, both of them. it puts enormous stress on them. they're frustrated. they're angry. it explodes sometimes. >> the fact this new york primary is so important that we saw, you know, secretary clinton on the 4 train today in new york. obviously, trying to humanize her. it's what we've seen in other campaigns as well. name checking prominent new york athletes. is this what we'll be seeing for the next seven days? >> i assume -- it's going to be 11 or 12. >> 11 or 12 days? it's all blurring together.
12:01 pm
>> and i don't think they're just going to be in the five boroughs of new york. i think they'll go upstate. hopefully my hometown of new york, rochester, new york upper state, see what's going on there. i'm just trying to boost western new york. it's not just -- >> i know, love for buffalo. >> it's not just new york city. >> that's right, wolf blitzer, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> he will be moderating the big debate a week from today in brookl brooklyn. >> how cool is that? >> how cool is that, i cannot wait. we'll be live. meantime, another celebrity has weighed in on this presidential race. this is far from an endorsement. tv host and entertainer nick cannon now is backing no one in his spoken word video. it's entitled "too broke to vote." >> nobody cares about me. nobody cares about my family. nobody cares about my folks. nobody gets my vote. nobody for president. that's my campaign slogan. we got money for words.
12:02 pm
we can't feed our homeless it government is hopeless. this like a reality show. real lives. housewives. i ain't feeling the burn. i never get trump. the clintons had their chances with me. don't get me started about the electoral college. let's be honest, that's how they really choose the president. liberals and conservatives, none of that. i'm hungry. where the money at? i'm too broke to vote. i ain't trying to check no ballots. i'm trying to check the balance on these checking accounts. just like in florida, it's going to be another miscount. as soon as they get to this amount, they're going to try to dismount. it's political gymnastics. all this pageantry is just designed for fools. they going to give you who they choose. too big to fail. too rich to lose. i'm still too broke to vote. >> staying on the theme of politics here. joining me now, the author of the new book "50 for your future." lessons from down the road.
12:03 pm
pbs host tavis smiley. >> nice to meet you, brooke. >> we were talking to wolf about the democrats. let me begin there, this whole doubling down. again, same question on bernie sanders saying hillary clinton, despite her resume, is unqualified to be president of the united states. do you agree with that? >> i'm not sure i believe she's unqualified to be president. clearly she's qualified to be. the question is whether or not she ought to be the president. is she addressing the issues nick cannon was addressing in his video? economic immobility. when one likes bernie sanders, he's been abundantly clear about what he will do on those issues. i like the fact bernie's been in the race. before he got in, secretary clinton was upset when i made this comment, but i thought she needed somebody to challenge her from her left for three reasons. number one, left to her own devices, she's too hawkish. she's not progressive enough. number three, i think that bernie sanders has made her a
12:04 pm
better candidate. i asked her that question on my show a couple weeks ago. >> what did she say? did she acknowledge that? >> she wouldn't say yes. she said, well, you're in a contest like this, then ultimately it does make you a better candidate. she made barack obama a better candidate. >> you wrote, black america could get on the trump train. after all this crazy last couple of weeks on the trail, do you stand by that? >> whenever you rigwrite a piec the editors chose the headline. having said that, the point i was making is i don't like seeing black folk being taken for granted by one party or ignored by another party. in this election, when conventional wisdom left the station before the train did, anything could happen. i don't want hillary clinton or anybody else, bernie sanders, taking for granted the black vote. they ought to be competed for. ought to be competed over. having said that, on the republican side, i made this point the other day somewhere.
12:05 pm
it troubles me they're not campaigning to all of america. why should we consider you seriously to be president of these united states if you're only campaigning to a slice of america? >> whether about -- >> trump and cruz are running segregated campaigns. how do i know that my vote matters to donald trump? they haven't asked for it. they're not campaigning to my community or other communities. >> democratic party, it is not in the bag, the black vote is going to go to you like obviously it did a couple years ago? >> it ought not to be number one. anybody who thinks the black turnout will be the same for clinton it was for obama put down the crack pipe. you're stuck on stupid if you think hillary, no matter how well she does, is going to pull those numbers. the number's not going to be the same. the black vote, there ought to be a competition for it. i'm not suggesting that bernie is better than hillary. >> do you see, was it last night you call add racial arsonist?
12:06 pm
you called mr. trump a racial arsonist? >> yes. >> can you define that? >> you set racial fires everywhere you go. anti-muslim comments. anti-immigrant comments. it's not just being a racial arsonist, it's anti-american. i have never seen a party that is so self-sabotaging as the republican party. it's shakes perrian. it's orwellian. it's anti-american. >> do you think african-americans, come november, whether it's a cruz or a trump on the ticket for republicans or maybe kasich, i don't know, would they vote for either of them? >> i think vote there interests. if you're not going to campaign on the issues that matter to them, if they don't see themselves in your agenda, if you don't make any overtures to them, heck no. >> what do they need to do to change that? >> they need to lay out an agenda that is not antithetical to the best interest of black people and they ain't got there
12:07 pm
yet. >> what about just overarching, you know, you mentioned this is historic, election cycle, it's unprecedented, it's gone nasty on both sides. what do you think, you know, we're at 20,000 foot view, when it's in the history books? what are we going to take away from this? >> let me give you two things we ought to consider. at this moment what we need is the exact opposite of what we're getting. we need a leader with civility with humanity with integrity. >> there's a lot of counterpunching. >> there is. i don't see that surfacing as yet. the kind of leader we need at this moment. this election is about what kind of nation we're going to be. this new book "50 things" book is about what kind of people we want to be. how do you become your authentic self-? live the life you were meant to live? how do you become the best you you can be? >> what's the big lesson? >> certainly one of them is to do what you find meaningful and purposeful. not what you find expedient.
12:08 pm
whether it's for money or votes or anything else. how do you become your most authentic self? the book is about to be the best you you can be. the election is about what kind of nation we want to be. i shudder to think if we make the wrong decision, we're in trouble. ideals and our ideas are not the same thing. we got to mention those two things. >> come back. >> thank you, brooke. again, the book, "50 for your future, lessons for down the road." tavis smiley, thank you. next, new york, welcoming ted cruz. a couple of choice letters there on the front page of the daily us into. specifically "f" and "u." how this is a new ball game for these candidates in new york. also, one of the biggest supporters of one candidate says yes, america could do better. and moments from now, president barack obama will speak from his former law school in chicago to make the case for his supreme court nominee, the one republicans refuse to give an
12:09 pm
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. donald trump back on home turf. thousands of supporters showing up for his rally on long island, devouring donald trump's skathing reminders about new york values. >> i've got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about new york values, with sworn on his face, with hatred, with hatred of new york. so, folks, i think you can forget about him. >> as for ted cruz, his campaign stop in new york appears to be enemy territory for him. >> ted cruz has no big being in the bronx. to receive this right-wing bigot
12:14 pm
is an insult to the community. >> fared well in the south, fared well in the midwest, but struggling to get traction in new york. you see the headlines here, take the "f" "u" train, ted. ouch. joining me now, gloria borger, cnn chief political analyst. ryan williams, former spokesperson for governors mitt romney and john sinunu. awesome having you all on. gloria, to you first, with ted cruz, you know, spending so much time in new york, i wouldn't exactly say it's been an entirely warm welcome. trump is way ahead in the polls. do you think he's going to make up significant ground between now and april 19th? >> i think what he's trying to do is work really hard to keep trump under 50%. because he wants to get a bunch of delegates away from trump.
12:15 pm
this is a real uphill battle. it's a little hard for cruz after you've talked about new york values and all the rest. so, you know, i think that he can't completely give up. he understands. i've talked to his campaign. they know they're not likely to win new york, but they like to get a few delegates out of it and kind of stake their claim to a degree. because at this point in the campaign, you cannot be seen to be abandoning new york, even with donald trump as the front-runner. >> donald trump's numbers are huge in that poll we've been talking about. >> 50%. >> 52% is big. we know cnn's reporting the trump camp is adding to his inner circle. watching the rally. talk about being in his el vent last night in long island. there's this whole fancy video of trump highlights from the video. is this the beginning of the
12:16 pm
changes we'll be seeing rolling out, chris? >> i don't know if it's the beginning of a broader change in the trump image. i think what you're seeing is the trump campaign getting serious about the delegate math now. i think that's why he's spending time in new york -- >> weren't they serious before? >> they were serious before. new york's got 95 delegates. 50% is the magic number for donald trump. if he holds the other two guys to below 20, both statewide, and in each of the congressional districts, he gets 95. he could get close to 95. that's why cruz is in the unfamiliar territory. he's looking to get 20% and deny donald a huge take home at the end of the day in new york. they're all looking at the math. it's getting harder and harder the further we go, without donald trump locking it up. it's going to get harder to hit the magical number of the delegates. i think that's what's going on. >> we had former presidential candidate ben carson.
12:17 pm
he was on cnn, you know, this is a man who has indeed officially endorsed donald trump. he had this to say when asked about him. >> you think there are better people out there to be president than donald trump? >> i don't think you have to really think about that. doesn't matter what you're doing. there are better people than me at neuro surgery. there are better people than you being a broadcaster. there are better people at everything. >> you say there probably are better people out there, did you have someone in mind? >> i don't think that's a useful place to go. >> i mean, i'm sure he would appreciate any support he gets. do you think he resbond sponds that? >> you have to appreciate his honesty. he's obviously not the best
12:18 pm
surrogate. he says things off the cuff. not helpful, to say the least. i think we're heading into a period now where the trump campaign is in disarray, they're just now starting to look at the delegate process, the back end part of it, electing the people who will serve as delegates and cast unbound votes if the nomination is not locked up outride by trump. it's late. he does hold the lead with the math. but it is troubling, the lack of organization they've shown thus far. >> go ahead, gloria. >> you can't win the super bowl unless you make some adjustments at halftime, right? that's exactly what the trump campaign is doing. they now are putting a delegate team in place that's being run by paul manifort who has a lot of experience in that role. he worked for jim baker who we
12:19 pm
interviewed later on tonight. he worked for jim baker in the '76 delegate race and won for gerald ford on the floor, that convention. so they are starting to pay a lot of attention to it. it's late, but campaigns need to be flexible and you have to give the campaign credit that they are start to focus on this, because that's where the race is. >> they're not making tweaks, they're assembling the entire team now. the cruz campaign has been organizing the delegate process for months. this is not something you can't start overnight. it speaks to the lack of organization the trump campaign has. >> chris, i want you to respond. >> it's true the strength of the trump campaign has always been the candidate himself, his an ability to draw these massive crowds. cruz has had a campaign machine of people out there way ahead of the schedule, working delegate math, trying to get the states organized. i think cruz has an edge there.
12:20 pm
the campaign, to take gloria's analogy, at halftime, saying now we'll start to strengthen our delegate efforts. i don't think it's too late. this is an adjustment to say, look, we might go into a very close number in that convention. it could be a contested convention. so let's make preparation. >> gloria with the football analogy. >> who knew? >> i like it, i like it. can we talk about john kasich, at a deli, in new york, go. >> i can't seem to get through because the press is getting in the way. what about the jets, what do you think, and what about a-rod? >> a-rod's going to do well. >> i'd like to be jeter for one day. >> i'm a senior. >> what are you going to be doing? >> i want to work in news. >> what? >> news. >> oh.
12:21 pm
>> kind of want to get pink floyd back together. >> you know what i heard, though, i heard if they get back together again, trump is going to make them pay for every brick in the wall. do you get it? did you get it? >> of course. >> okay, it's like johnny football, right, work out for him. i can't even -- this stains. ♪ i like a big pizza pie >> never use a fork. >> in the bronx, we get pushed, we push back. >> no pushing. >> come on, guys, it's rude. >> grandma's recipe. >> beautiful. >> that's what we are in the bronx. we're not changing for anybody. we need help in new york though. >> what do you need? >> we need help in the united states. >> i think you need a right fielder. >> not 100, 200 years. >> how come you're not eating? >> eat all day long. >> how about a little cheese on the top of this? mamma mia.
12:22 pm
they put me in a car and then they drive me and then they shout, get out. i don't have any idea where we go half the time. but of course i'm thrilled. are you kidding me? this is like -- this is like being so alive, being in new york. >> i love that so much. i'm going to hop in the next yellow cab and it's going to be john kasich at the steering wheel, where do you need to go, you know. >> i'm hungry looking at this. it's like the new york version of the town hall, right, in new hampshire. except it's so much more fun, right. >> ryan what to you think? >> look, i think kasich's having fun right now because there's nothing to lose. he's not going to be the nominee of the party. he's running really with nothing going on. he's like the last guy of the party who can't take a hint it's time to call an uber and go home. he's staying in the race and not much to lose i guess so why not have fun. >> chris?
12:23 pm
>> i think it's always fun to watch a fellow midwesterner like me try to fit in in new york city. no, he's having fun. but i agree, he's not really in the race at this point. >> thank you all so much. sure. we'll talk again. make sure you watch tonight. senator ted cruz will be sitting down with erin burnett on "out front" at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. the ceo of ge firing back at senator sanders over a scathing piece in "the washington post." while he's accusing him of making a shallow campaign promise and not living in the real world. going back to school in chicago today, how he is working to make the case for his choice for the supreme court.
12:24 pm
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just about the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. senator sanders has built his campaign on calling out big banks and corporate greed. the ceo is now turning the tables on senator sanders. after the "new york daily news" published an interview in which sanders said general electric was quote/unquote destroying the fabric of america, the ceo of ge wrote an op-ed in "the washington post." he wrote, it's easy to make hollow campaign promises and take cheap shots. but ge operates in the real world. we're in the business of building real things and generating real growth for our nation that needs it now more than ever. it seems senator sanders is missing the point.
12:29 pm
also noting that senator sanders has never stopped by the ge plant in his home state of vermont. so there's that as well. let me bring in our guest, cnn global economic analyst. also the author of "makers and takers." welcome back as always. >> thank you. >> you say this is a huge deal he did this. >> i do. i'm amazed he took aim at ge in particular because actually if you talk to corporate leaders, if you talk to policymakers, ge is probably the number one big company in the u.s. that people look to when they say, look, you can bring jobs back hole, you can do manufacturing in a smart way in the u.s. i'm not saying they don't outsource jobs. this is a multinational company. but this is a company that's also done a lot to create regional hubs. i've been in many of their factories. there's a great one in schenectady, new york. they're creating high-tech manufacturing, creating local economic ecosystems. i'm just really surprised
12:30 pm
sands targeted ge in particular. >> do you think he did his homework or not so much? >> i'm worried because i think this comment coming off the back of -- >> the editorial board interview? >> the editorial board interview, the idea of how you actually -- breaking up big bank, how do you do it. >> lacking specifics. >> he gave some later -- >> but -- >> i'm very sympathetic to this message of growing inequality and a recovery that feel s weak absolutely, but you have to know what you're talking about, particularly against hillary %-p >> the big brooklyn debate a week from today. a couple of stops away from wall street, so i imagine that will be looming large. what does bernie sanders need to do? this could be a moment for him that can turn it the wrong way. what does he need to do? >> i think he needs to say, okay, look, there's a lot that's broken in our economic ecosystem. i would agree with that. he's got to say, here's how
12:31 pm
we're going to bring business under the tent. here's how we're going to do the right things. here's some constructive ideas for how it will work. i think he can't alienate business wholesale. >> no overarching details and promises? >> right, business is where jobs come from. you cannot isolate the poster boy for how to do american business well. i don't think that's a winning campaign platform. >> thank you so much. see you if not in brooklyn before then. >> in brooklyn. >> bernie sanders and "businessweebhillary clinton facing off in brooklyn, a week from today, on cnn. president obama in his old stomping grounds in chicago. watching and waiting for him to give his speech at his old law school and of course make his choice for the next justice on the u.s. supreme court. also, the horrors of isis reaching a new level in iraq. families now saying the terror group used them as human shields.
12:32 pm
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12:36 pm
president obama, going back to school, kind of, today, really to make his case for supreme court nominee merrick garland. the president is due to speak at the university of chicago law school where he taught constitutional law for 12 years. his nominee, judge garrland, born in chicago, grew up in a nearby suburb. today, garland is meeting with ohio democratic senator sherrod brown. the fight over garland's nomination promises to be intense. senate leader mcconnell has promised to ignore any nominee the president puts forth. mcconnell believes, quote, raesh rather, the next president
12:37 pm
should fill the vacancy. we have got be a bit of a preview of the president's pitch for judge garland. what is he expected to say today in chicago? >> he's going to try to make a constitutional case on why the senate should move forward, in his opinion, on this nominee. will try to say this is unprecedented for the senate not to give any confirmation hearings. this is something that's not been done in the modern era, to deny confirmation hearings. also try to argue that by keeping this seat vacant it would be doing irreparable harm to the supreme court. all part of the larger democratic pressure campaign into hoping republican senators will cave. we've learned one republican senator on the judiciary committee, lindsey graham, has agreed to a meeting with merrick garland after initially saying he would not meet with merrick garland. also significantly, does not support moving forward at all. says he's having a courtesy meeting, he does not think there should be confirmation hearings.
12:38 pm
if you can't win over lindsey graham who can you win over? he voted for sonya so the ta mayma sotamayer. they're not winning any republican converts to actually want to move forward and have votes on this nominee, real challenge, brooke. >> as we wait for the president, why do this at university of chicago law school? beyond obvious, that this is where the president attended? >> because he wants to make it a constitutional argument. the point is that, the white house is trying to argue what the senate republicans are doing is beyond the bounds of the constitution, beyond the advise and consent clause. senate should give a vote up or down. if he's going to vote down, vote down this nominee, but at least give it its due deiligence. as you mention, this is his own roots. brings it back to his own roots. shows why he's making the case here.
12:39 pm
because he believes that the senate needs to act. but that's the challenge for them also, brooke, is the white house and the democrats need to keep this issue alive because if the republicans want to just kill this altogether, they want to move on. democrat also are trying to figure out new ways to keep this issue in the news. one way to do that, go back to the university of chicago. >> all right, manu, thank you. you broke the reporting there about lindsey graham, thank you for that. we'll check in and wait to see the president there. speaking at the university law school. the horrors of isis reaching a new level in iraq. the terror group using families as human shields.
12:40 pm
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isis' brutality is on full display in iraq. families unable to flee.
12:44 pm
now say they're being used as human shields. people have been forced into homes, have been held captive. cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon reports from iraq. >> reporter: the latest arrivals at this refugee camp are not those who fled isis. they are those who say isis used them as human shields and didn't let them leave. they're from a handful of villages. the iraqi army recently recaptured from isis. the men are kept at the camp's mosque, a security precaution. among concerns isis fighters may be among them. like many here, he does not want his identity revealed. he still has loved ones at the mercy of isis and has already witnessed and lost too much. abu and his family could hear the army's advance, hoped finally that they would be saved. but in the fierce clashes, abu's
12:45 pm
younger brother was hit as he pulled his niece away from the window. he shouted, i am shot, get me, abu sarat says. the memory of that movement so painful, he can no longer control his emotions. he said "i don't want to die." but he bled out. in abu's arms. with us, abu is able to leave the mosque grounds, and we head to see the rest of his family. he says they did not flee when isis first arrived nearly two years ago because his elderly mother could not run away. a mother who has buried her son. what is left, she now questions. at least god spared the rest. their stories of life under isis make your skin crawl. abu worked at a hospital in mosul. i was forced to keep working. he said, if you don't, i will leave your head on the hospital gate, he tells us.
12:46 pm
once, he was stopped in the street and forced to witness a public mass execution. in another instance, on the way to the market, he says, we saw people hanging from the electricity pole. we asked why. they said they were trying to leave. if you try to escape, this will be your fate. the women also hide their faces. but little can hide the lingering fear, the overwhelming psychological trauma or the pain. this woman says the house isis held her family in as the iraqi army advanced was hit by a mortar. she was injured. her 15-year-old son killed. her last image of him, with blood coming out of his eyes, nose, mouth. it's all memories, she says, before it becomes too much, and she walks away. arwa damon, cnn, iraq. brand-new video shows the suspected third bomber in the
12:47 pm
brussel's deadly airport attack, the man in the dark hat. you can watch as he's walking along. he's leaving the airport. as police are swarming the area, he manages to walk away here. in a second, you'll see him pick up and start just lightly jogging. he walked west into a brussels neighborhood over the course of two hours, according to police, the suspect tossed his rain coat somewhere along the way. now, the university of chicago law school. this is where the president once taught constitutional law, speaking there. >> it was really fun and i missed it and i thought, well, why don't i come back and say hi to everybody. and so there are a couple of people i want to acknowledge. because they helped to facilitate this. first of all, i want to thank dean miles for closing down the school i guess for the day.
12:48 pm
thank you. special acknowledgements for jeff stone and doug, who were great friends when i was teaching here and were partly responsible for having me actually take on some responsibility straight out of law school to mold the minds of students who were just barely younger than me. i know that because some of them i saw and they all have gray hair now, which is a little troubling. we've got a terrific congressional delegation who's here and i want to acknowledge them. first, your outstanding senior senator from the great state of illinois dick durbin is here. we've got congressman bobby rush. congressman danny davis.
12:49 pm
congressman bill foster. and congressman mike quickly. we also have lisa madigan, the attorney general of illinois. and my former seat mate in springfield when we were both in the state senate together and is doing a terrific job. i want to thank david who i was joking before we came out is one of the country's foremost constitutional experts and a nice guy. [ applause ] you guys are lucky to have him. in fact, when i was teaching here, i think that i stole his con law class for a while and he graciously gave it up because despite the privilege of grading 60 or 70 blue books, he apparently thought it was important for me to have that
12:50 pm
privilege the last thing i'll say by way of introduction, i had a chance to talk to some young people over in the overflow room, mostly students, and i just said to them that having now been in politics for quite some time, seeing what lawyers are capable of doing every single day, working on a whole range of issues that are of huge importance to our democracy and to our society, i hope that all the students here are excited about the incredible changes and good that you are going to be able to do when you get out of here. i know that sometimes the news feeds cynicism, and democracy at this moment seems particularly
12:51 pm
frustrating. but each and every day i see lawyers not that much older than you who are helping young people get an education, are making sure that consumers are protected, are helping to keep america safe, are ensuring that our health care system works for everybody, are helping to preserve the planet and fight against climate change. it is remarkable what you can do with your talents, and it doesn't always get a lot of publicity, but you can make a really meaningful difference. so one of the reasons that i wanted to come back is to recruit you to stay engaged, get involved, make a difference. it doesn't mean you have to run for office, it doesn't mean you even have to work for a government. there are a lot of ways of serving. but i do hope that one of the things that you will take away from our discussion today and your extraordinary education here at the university of
12:52 pm
chicago is the incredible high that you can get from serving this country. so with that, what do you want to talk about, david? >> well, let me start back when you were here at a teacher. you taught constitutional law and you were thinking about the supreme court and thinking about the justices and what made someone a great justice or successful justice. >> president obama there sitting at a place where he taught for 12 years, constitutional law, university of chicago law school. he went to harvard law, was in chicago for a number of years. almost like an adopted hometown for him there. we also know that he does plan to pitch his pick for the u.s. supreme court, a man who was born in chicago, judge merrick garland. we also learned, thank you manu raji, that merrick garland is on the hill and a lot of republican senators said no way will we beat with you but republican senator lindsey graham will meet with him on the hill. tonight on "the eighties" we
12:53 pm
turn to a man often called the architect of the '80s, ronald reagan. we revisit the highs and lows of the reagan administration and explain where reaganomics went wrong. i'm joined by steven hayward, the author of several books on ronald reagan. sir, welcome to you. >> hi, brooke. >> so, you know, we're watching a number of clips earlier and you had referred to reaganomics as chemotherapy for the economy. what did you mean by that? >> well, that referred to one part of it. there were four parts to reaganomics and the rough bed -- medicine part was monetary restraint. when reagan took office, you had very high inflation, over 10%. it meant high interest rates, very sharp and steep recession in 1982 and 1983. but we came roaring out of that.
12:54 pm
i think that like chemotherapy often works for cancer, we roared out of that recession with real growth in 1983 and 1984, around 7%, 8%, numbers we haven't come close to in the last six years in this rather slow economy we're experiencing presently. so i think that was taking tough medicine. reagan knew it would be tough medicine and that's why his campaign slogan in the mid-terms in 1982 was stay the course, we need to see this through. >> what we had heard from him two years prior that he was the original -- he was the make america great again. when you say that right now, who do you think about? you know where i'm going with this. donald trump. >> yes, i do, right. >> but it was originally ronald reagan. i'm curious in my final bit with you, what do you make of the candidates, especially back at our debate at the reagan library, but name checking ronald reagan, comparing themselves, what do you think about that? >> well, i'm actually a little frustrated with that. >> are you? >> reagan was not popular with the party establishment in 1980. and now all the people who say
12:55 pm
they're reagan republicans i think actually don't study him closely enough. it's not enough just to say you're a reagan republican. you ought to really do your homework on how much he did his homework. mr. trump does his homework probably least of any of the candidates. >> steven hayward -- steven hayworth, thank you so much. we can't wait to watch the special tonight, 9:00 eastern on the cnn series "the eighties." we're back in just a moment.
12:56 pm
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new york primary. how many write-in votes are we going to see for the times square elmos? "the lead" starts right now. subway series, hillary clinton swipes her metrocard and swipes back at bernie sanders as all of a sudden the democratic race gets almost as testy as what's going on on the other side. one big apple paper welcomed senator cruz as if he's on the red sox. can cruz escape from new york with enough support to stop donald trump? and then some breaking news on the brussels terrorist attacks. new video showing the escape of the airport bomber who got away. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." the democratic race taking an express train to acrimony. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton sharpening their attacks as each claims new york home turf. just in the last 24 hours we've seen clinton raise questions about sanders preparedness